Coming Up!

I’ll be calling the Allenspark Old-Time Square Dance on Sunday, July 2nd, 7 – 9 p.m. and the dance is Free! Sage Grouse will provide lively old-time fiddle tunes.

For more info email Elisabeth. All ages and abilities and families are welcome!  No experience or special duds required.  All dances will be taught.  Refreshments provided.

More venue info and directions: to the Old Gallery.

Now Available!

Here’s the June 2017 Poem-of-the-Month:

Would you leave your daughter alone with this man?
Why, He's the President of the land.
Better Watch your daughter, he might nab her,
He's our President Pussygrabber.

And here’s July:

I am suspended, caught
between action and inaction,
between trying and giving up,
between living and dying...