Coming Up!

The Westmins­ter Old-Time Barn Dance on Saturday, Septem­ber 23rd,

at the Westminster Grange, 3935 West 73rd Ave., Westminster, CO.

Dancers at the Westminster Grange

Chris Kermiet calling with Lizard Spring (Dave Brown, Thom Curdts, Dave Parman, and Tyler Rusco).

All ages and abilities are welcome!  No experience or special duds required.  All dances will be taught.  Refreshments provided.

7 – 10 p.m., $10 / $5 students

Now Available!

My September 2017 Poem-of-the-Month:

Whenever I see the young girls
I steal kisses in my mind.
And when a young girl walks my way,
My feet (entirely on their own)
    fall right in time with hers.

Here’s the August 2017 Poem-of-the-Month:

We fill loneliness up with activity,
not with togetherness.
We fill our hours with television,
not conversation...

And here’s July:

I am suspended, caught
between action and inaction,
between trying and giving up,
between living and dying...